Game of Thrones Brunch

Saturday July 20th & Sunday July 21st Radegast Hall & Biergarten 113 North 3rd Street Brooklyn, NY 11211 The Radegast Hall & Biergarten will be hosting a Game of Thrones Brunch this weekend – An immersive medieval banquet where you can eat alongside knights, wenches, lords and lasses. There will be a brunch buffet as … Continue reading “Game of Thrones Brunch”

Weekend Happenings

Congratulations, you survived another week and it’s time to start the weekend! As you know, there are tons of activities going around New York City, so we made it easy for you and highlighted what we are looking forward to most. They range from kicking off St. Patrick’s Day with parades to film festivals (I’m … Continue reading “Weekend Happenings”

Weekend Happenings

  Working for the Weekend was stuck in my head since Monday. I’ll probably have brunch and count down the days till spring training. What are you up to this weekend after checking out 50 Shades of Grey? Here’s some of our weekend picks. I’ve seen, done and heard a lot in my life but Ponycon takes the … Continue reading “Weekend Happenings”

Brunch in Philly

One of the best things the weekend brings is, brunch! Who doesn’t love a good brunch deal. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or having ‘hair of the dog’ to nurse your hangover, brunch is the answer.  Here are some of the best brunch deals in Philly on both Saturday and Sunday: King’s Oak: … Continue reading “Brunch in Philly”