Bar Activities

Sometimes we all need a break from the ordinary nights out of drinking, and we are here to help solve that problem. There are tons of bars around NYC that offer all types of activities, so we came up with a list of activities and the best places to go do them. Trivia: This is … Continue reading “Bar Activities”

Trivia Nights in Denver/Boulder

I love a good trivia night so I wanted to share a list of places to play in the Denver/Boulder area.  Grab a pint and put your thinking caps on. Abo’s on the Hill – Boulder – Tuesdays at 8.  They alternate between trivia and poker every Tuesday so call ahead. Blake Street Tavern – Denver – … Continue reading “Trivia Nights in Denver/Boulder”

Trivia Nights in Seattle

Grab  your friends, drink some pints or cocktail of your choice and test your knowledge at Trivia Night.  Here is a guide to some of Seattle’s offerings. Ballard Loft – Tuesdays at 8 Happy Hour Drinks 8pm – 10pm Win Prizes and Gift Cards Beveridge Place Pub – Wednesdays at 8:30 Big Time Brewing Company – Wednesdays at 7 … Continue reading “Trivia Nights in Seattle”

Trivia nights in Minneapolis/St Paul

Trivia night can be fun with your friends.  Here is a list of some spots in Minneapolis/St. Paul.  Grab a few pints and test your knowledge. Aster Café – Minneapolis – Mondays at 7:30 Geeks Who Drink trivia Barrio – St. Paul – Mondays at 8 Bullfrog Cajun Bar – Minneapolis – Tuesdays at 8 Campus Pizza – Minneapolis … Continue reading “Trivia nights in Minneapolis/St Paul”

Trivia Nights in Austin

Trivia Night is always fun to enjoy with your friends.  Here is a list of some establishments in Austin that want to test your knowledge.  Grab a pint and put your thinking caps on. Ego’s – Ego’s is the place to go for relaxed drinking and high-energy karaoke. Once you find it tucked cozily behind a gas … Continue reading “Trivia Nights in Austin”

Trivia Night in Boston

For those who have partook in Trivia Night will more than likely agree that is serves as a consistent entertaining and amusing night out. For those who haven’t, well you’re missing out. Designed to divert and draw attention away from stressful work days, Trivia Night provides for a humorously entertaining, while also naturally competitive, evening … Continue reading “Trivia Night in Boston”

“Playing” with barHappy

There are various ways to plan your night out, and barHappy can point you in the right direction. Find and plan an entertaining and amusing night out with friends by using the “play” feature. Whether it be by showcasing their IQ or their physical skillset, using the “play” feature will certainly influence your nightlife desires. Here … Continue reading ““Playing” with barHappy”

Best Bars for Trivia Night in D.C.

So you think you know it all? Or maybe you are just a great eavesdropper. Either way, gather a group of friends and test your knowledge against others and join in on the fun. Check out the D.C.’s best places for weekly Trivia Night recommended by the Washington Post and get your Pub quiz swag … Continue reading “Best Bars for Trivia Night in D.C.”