What Beer Glass Do I Use?

Serious beer drinkers around the world firmly believe that the beer glass that holds the beer is just as important as the beer inside the glass. Others think that it’s a marketing gimmick. But truth be told, different styles of beer glasses affect the color, foam, aroma, and the taste of the beer you’re drinking. … Continue reading “What Beer Glass Do I Use?”

Happy National Lager Day

Today, we give cheers to celebrate National Lager Day! Scientifically speaking, lagers are “yeast employed for fermentation..at a cooler  temperature and sinks to the bottom of the fermentation vessel…Hence lagers are “bottom fermented” beers”, explains Tastings.com. In a more salivating way, the production of lagers provide drinkers in a smooth and light tasting manner, marking it has the … Continue reading “Happy National Lager Day”