The Boardy Barn

The other weekend, I ventured out East to Hampton Bays to experience, what some people call Heaven on Earth,  The Boardy Barn.  Many of my friends have been going here for years, but this was my first time. Luckily, I had their prior knowledge to make sure my day  was the best. The Boardy Barn … Continue reading “The Boardy Barn”

Don’t let Hurricane Arthur be a Buzzkill

Hurricane Arthur is making its way up the coastline this weekend and may ruin your outdoor BBQ, but don’t let it ruin your 4th of July celebration. Move the party inside and try to perfect these Hurricane and 4th of July themed drinks! Enjoy and lets us know what you think of them. Hurricane: These … Continue reading “Don’t let Hurricane Arthur be a Buzzkill”

Hamptons Memorial Day Weekend 2014

So you were lucky enough to get that coveted seat on the Jitney, or express bus to paradise.  You will be sitting in traffic like the rest of the masses but at least you can read a book or watch a movie and of course plan your Weekend.  We are here to help. 75 MAIN – 75 … Continue reading “Hamptons Memorial Day Weekend 2014”