Football Fans, Game Day Guides are Here

We’ve all been there before: you bite the bullet and tell yourself you’re going to follow your team to an away game this season. You shell out the cash for a ticket, get your buddies to do the same, pack your facepaint and sacred game day jersey, and sacrifice umpteen hours of your life on the road, all so … Continue reading “Football Fans, Game Day Guides are Here”

#NewBarHappy: Features and Updates With You In Mind

At barHappy, our goal has always been to make having a great night out with friends easier than ever to find. That’s why we’ve completely redesigned our website and app to better match our users’ needs. Introducing #NewBarHappy. We’ve refined our search, added hundreds more locations and created new features to make planning a night … Continue reading “#NewBarHappy: Features and Updates With You In Mind”