Game Day Guides: 49ers Faithful Hiking to Seattle for Divisional Meeting with Seahawks

As the NFL season gets closer to concluding, playoff implications are greatly at stake for these final two games. This week, the key matchup is a primetime showdown between the NFC West – the San Francisco 49ers (10-3-1) vs. the Seattle Seahawks (9-5). Kickoff is set for 8:20PM (Eastern Time), with coverage beginning at 7:00PM on … Continue reading “Game Day Guides: 49ers Faithful Hiking to Seattle for Divisional Meeting with Seahawks”

Traveling Holiday Party

The holiday season is full of celebrations with friends and family, but sometimes doing the same thing over and over can start to get boring. So, why not break from the norm and try a traveling dinner party. Why stay at one spot when cities have so much to offer during the holidays.  Start crossing … Continue reading “Traveling Holiday Party”

How Owners Can Attract Customers: Creating Specials and Events

Our services are meant to help your business attract new customers and stay connected to existing ones. Controlling your business’ content on barHappy is easy and free of charge. A barHappy business account lets you interact with your customers and manage your online presence like never before. As a member, your barHappy business account will … Continue reading “How Owners Can Attract Customers: Creating Specials and Events”

The Return of Austin’s ‘Trail of Lights’ Attraction

For the past five decades, patrons of Austin have come out to visit one of the city’s most popular and highlighted attractions during the holiday season. Having been defunded by the city since 2010, the renowned holiday tradition embraced by locals and visitors is back and better than ever. Free of admission, the event lasts “Eight Crazy Nights,” with the historical lodestone concluding on … Continue reading “The Return of Austin’s ‘Trail of Lights’ Attraction”

Boston’s Favorite Bars Serving Craft Beer

A beer lovers quest to find an establishment serving the tastiest and flavorful libations, seasonal or continuously, can easily be located using barHappy. Apply the “craft beer” tag in the search filter for a list of establishments known for serving a great selection of the finest craft beers around. Using this outing template, invite and share with your friends … Continue reading “Boston’s Favorite Bars Serving Craft Beer”

The Best Bar Food Dallas Has to Offer

Going out for happy hour and want to grab some dinner too?  Here are the top ten bars, recommended by the Dallas Observer, that offer the best food options in Dallas. Check-in through Facebook or Foursquare or add these bars to your wishlist . Afterwards, rate and review and share your experience tasting Dallas.          Know of … Continue reading “The Best Bar Food Dallas Has to Offer”

barHappy Update: Latest App Features Facebook and Foursquare Check-in Functionality

The mission for barHappy has always been to create a joyous experience for its users planning a night out in the city with their friends. With that being said, the newly refined update to the barHappy app polishes and smoothens that very idea, giving it all the more reasons to get your hands on it. Along with … Continue reading “barHappy Update: Latest App Features Facebook and Foursquare Check-in Functionality”

Happy National Lager Day

Today, we give cheers to celebrate National Lager Day! Scientifically speaking, lagers are “yeast employed for a cooler  temperature and sinks to the bottom of the fermentation vessel…Hence lagers are “bottom fermented” beers”, explains In a more salivating way, the production of lagers provide drinkers in a smooth and light tasting manner, marking it has the … Continue reading “Happy National Lager Day”

NHL Lockout has Bar and Restaurant Owners Standing on Thin Ice

With the 2012 NHL dispute between the owners and players union in disarray, month by month the NHL has cancelled scheduled games, leaving fans all across the country hopeless and appalled. Although, not only are hockey fans in agony, but the distress has also affected bar and restaurant owners greatly. The equation is simple, no hockey-no … Continue reading “NHL Lockout has Bar and Restaurant Owners Standing on Thin Ice”

Tailgates Gone Wrong: #barFail

In our continued pursuit of barFails, we’d like to pose the question: if post-game get togethers are just as opportune for a good time as pre-game tailgates, then why are they never as fun? Answer? Poor planning. Like dad always said, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” With barHappy, planning a great night out is easy. … Continue reading “Tailgates Gone Wrong: #barFail”