Where To Catch A Game

Whether you are Uptown, Downtown, Mid-City, French Quarter,  or the University Area, there is a sports bar for you!  Each bar allows you to pick how you want to enjoy the game. At Manning’s, you can relax in the VIP section with reclining chairs and a projection screen, if you want to join the craziness … Continue reading “Where To Catch A Game”

Taste of New Orleans

“You get a taste here in New Orleans that you don’t get anywhere else in the country” –Regis Philbin Live! With Regis and Kelly. New Orleans is a multicultural melting pot city where their food reflects their heritage. Not only is the taste different than the rest of the country, but also the names they … Continue reading “Taste of New Orleans”

Frenchmen Street Travel Guide

Frenchmen Street is home to some of the most popular live music venues and hot spot eating and drinking locations throughout the city. Known for being a hip area that features some of the best Jazz venues in town, the list also features some of the best bars and restaurants, making it a great tourist attraction for those looking … Continue reading “Frenchmen Street Travel Guide”

Jazz Clubs of New Orleans

What’s “All that Jazz” about in New Orleans? Well, the infamous tunes are echoed from Frenchmen to Bourbon Streets, producing a vibrant and exhilarating atmosphere, unique to those from other lands. Only at the city where Jazz was born can you find something for every ear. So, stop by one of these locations to relax … Continue reading “Jazz Clubs of New Orleans”

Guide to Bourbon Street: Bars, Nightclubs, and Restaurants

At the heart of New Orleans’, and within the French Quarter, is one of the oldest and well-known legendary streets in the U.S. Extending 13 blocks long, Bourbon Street is known for its wild festivals, but also its iconic historical past. With a variety of bars, nightclubs, and local restaurants, the Bourbon Street scene is … Continue reading “Guide to Bourbon Street: Bars, Nightclubs, and Restaurants”

Game Day Guides: Ravens Look for Redemption in New England this Time Around

The saga continues between these two opponents. Building a rivalry in its own way, the clash inevitably has becomes a postseason rendezvous one way or another. Last year, the Ravens were a catch or kick away from advancing to the big game. Which ever way you look at it, the past is the past and the … Continue reading “Game Day Guides: Ravens Look for Redemption in New England this Time Around”

Draft Magazine Announces Top Beer Bars for 2013

With the arrival of the new year, prior reviews and rants have been accumulated and Draft Magazine’s results have been tallied and publicized. From Draft Mag’s Top 100 Best Beer Bars for 2013, the attention is entirely concentrated on the best locations serving quality beers, which in the end ultimately and inevitably produces an eccentric ambiance and … Continue reading “Draft Magazine Announces Top Beer Bars for 2013”

“Playing” with barHappy

There are various ways to plan your night out, and barHappy can point you in the right direction. Find and plan an entertaining and amusing night out with friends by using the “play” feature. Whether it be by showcasing their IQ or their physical skillset, using the “play” feature will certainly influence your nightlife desires. Here … Continue reading ““Playing” with barHappy”

Cinema and Cosmos

The Oscar Nominees came out this morning and it is working up a buzz over social media. Have you filled out your ballot yet, or are you waiting to see the movies before voting? The good news is that you have plenty of time to go and check out all the movies before the 85th Academy Awards on … Continue reading “Cinema and Cosmos”

Game Day Guides: Packers vs. 49ers II

In their week one battle, it was San Francisco surmounting the Green Bay Packers, but the story is different this time. Sure, Colin Kaepernick leading the charge for the 49ers is reaching headlines, but this rematch has much more a stake – a trip to the NFC Championship and a prolonged journey to the Super Bowl. … Continue reading “Game Day Guides: Packers vs. 49ers II”