NYC Whiskey Festival

New York City is hosting their Whiskey Festival on Saturday, March 9, 2019 at The Tunnel. The festival will feature over 100 styles of whiskies and spirits and there will be food vendors to satisfy your hunger. You will be able to try American bourbons, Japanese whiskies, Vodka, Tequila, and much more. Tickets will include … Continue reading “NYC Whiskey Festival”

5 Essential Mardi Gras Cocktails

This year, Fat Tuesday falls on March 5th which means the parties in New Orleans will begin in the last week of February and run until Ash Wednesday, which is March 6th. If you’re not going to celebrate in New Orleans though, Fat Tuesday is usually the one day to indulge – hence the name … Continue reading “5 Essential Mardi Gras Cocktails”

National Absinthe Day- March 5th

What is Absinthe? Absinthe is a distilled beverage, high in alcohol (45-74% ABV / 90-148 US. Proof), with anise-flavoring deriving from botanicals. Green anise, sweet fennel, wormwood and other medicinal and culinary herbs are including in the making of this mysterious spirit. Absinthe originated in Switzerland in the late 18th century but became very popular … Continue reading “National Absinthe Day- March 5th”

Aphrodisiac Cocktails for Your Valentine’s Day

Aphrodisiacs, also known as “love drugs” are any food or beverage that arouses sexual desire. The origin of the word comes from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sexual love and beauty. For many years, aphrodisiacs have been known to come in all different shapes and sizes. Ranging from Casu marzu (rotting cheese filled with maggots), … Continue reading “Aphrodisiac Cocktails for Your Valentine’s Day”

National Peppermint Pattie Day

Who doesn’t look a good ol’ peppermint patty? Did you know that York Peppermint Pattie’s were first made in 1940? Well, the delectable chocolates took off and dominated the market for years. Between the crisp texture and delicious taste, they’re hard to resist! Have you tried any peppermint patty cocktails or shots? Well, here’s a … Continue reading “National Peppermint Pattie Day”

Bud Light’s Controversial Super Bowl Ad

On Super Bowl Sunday, Bud Light aired a commercial that sparked a lot of controversy between Miller Lite, Coors Light, and the National Corn Growers Association. Bud Light not only touted that corn syrup is not one of the ingredients used in their beer, but also targeted Miller Lite and Coors Light in the process … Continue reading “Bud Light’s Controversial Super Bowl Ad”

Beer and Pizza–A Match Made in Super Bowl Heaven

Last year it was recorded that Pizza Hut sold more than 1.7 million pizzas during the Super Bowl. This was before Pizza Hut became the official pizza sponsor of the NFL. This year they project that they will sell over two million pizzas! That’s a lot of dough. Bring Me a Beer! The best part … Continue reading “Beer and Pizza–A Match Made in Super Bowl Heaven”

Raised by Wolves – Named 2019 Cocktail Bar of the Year!

Imbibe, a James Beard award-winning magazine and website, named Raised by Wolves, in San Diego, the 2019 Cocktail Bar of the Year. You will have to journey to a suburban mall in San Diego, and look for a blue storefront across from Apple in order to find this establishment. When you first step inside you … Continue reading “Raised by Wolves – Named 2019 Cocktail Bar of the Year!”

Dogfish Head Release a Low-Cal IPA

Dogfish Head released some very exciting news for hop heads who may be watching their calorie intake. After a year-and-a-half of molecular research to make “a good, healthier beer,” Sam Calagione, founder and president of Dogfish Head introduces the Slightly Mighty Low-Cal IPA. This full-flavored IPA at 4% ABV contains only 95 calories and 3.6 … Continue reading “Dogfish Head Release a Low-Cal IPA”

Pickled Martinis

For being such a big fan of veggies and all things pickled, I thought it was only appropriate to write about delicious, savory, pickled martinis. One of the first pickled martinis I ever had was a fantastic pickled mushroom martini made by my favorite restaurant named Bolete, in Bethlehem Pennsylvania. The smooth martini mixed with … Continue reading “Pickled Martinis”