Punch for ‘Murica

Happy Birthday America!  Celebrate your 4th of July weekend with one of these fabulous patriotic punch recipes!  Surrounding yourself with friends, family, barbeque, and superb cocktails is what this long weekend is for!  So have your friends over and supply them with these wonderful jugs of punch to keep them cool in the blazing sun. Happy Fourth!

Spiked Watermelon Punch

watermelonUntitled Image from wishesndishes.com.


Ingredients:  Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Grapefruit Juice, Vodka

Directions:  Scoop out the watermelon and add to a blender with cantaloupe.  Strain the mixture of melon juice.  Add grapefruit juice and vodka.  Place the hollowed out watermelon in an ice tray and add the punch.  Or, fill a large bowl with ice and add punch.  Serve cold and enjoy!

Patriotic Punch

sangUntitled Image from popsugar.com.

Ingredients:  2 C. White grape juice

2 C. Ginger Ale

2 C. Apple Juice

1 ½ C. Fresh Blueberries

1 C. Fresh Sliced Strawberries


1 Large Jicama

Directions:  First start with making fruit ice cubes by filling the trays with fruit, adding water, and freezing.  Peel and cut jicama into thin circles and cut stars into them with a cookie cutter or knife.  In a large bowl or pitcher mix the juices and soda.  Stir in the jicama and ice cubes, add a liquor of your choice, and enjoy!

Blue Pina Colada Party Punch

blueeUntitled Image from wishesndishes.com.

Ingredients:  1 Pkg. Blue Raspberry Kool-aid powder

¾ C. Sugar

2 Quarts Cold Water

12 oz. Pina Colada Mix

1-two liter bottle of Sprite or Lemon-lime soda

Cherries for Garnish

Directions:  In a punch bowl, mix the Kool-Aid powder, sugar, and water.  Add in the Pina-Colada Mix and Sprite.  Garnish with cherries!



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