Worst Drinks Ever Invented

If you’re a drinker, chances are you probably have a favorite or go-to alcoholic beverage, and chances are you’ve also had a terrible experience trying something new/weird. Maybe you tried something because you trusted your friend when they said “it’s so good, you have to try it” or they told you it’s disgusting and dared you. We can all remember that one shot or drink that instantly made us want to lose our lunch, and what better way to remember that than going over some of the worst drinks ever invented (in no particular order, they’re all horrible).

  1. Three Wise Men: If you’re not a big fan of whiskey you’re certainly going to hate this shot. Made with 2/3oz Jack Daniels, 2/3oz Jim Bean and 2/3oz Johnnie Walker, it sounds like it would be a whiskey lovers dream, however these 3 don’t mix as well as you’d hope.
  2. Four Horsemen:  Similar to the Three Wise Men but with an added ingredient to really ruin your night, the Four Horsemen has a few different variations but all equally horrible. The one I’m unfortunately most familiar with is 3/4oz Johnnie Walker, 3/4oz Jim Bean, 3/4oz Jack Daniels and 3/4oz Jose Cuervo. Some of the other variations include Rumple Minze, Bacardi 151 and Jagermeister.
  3. Cement Mixer: I’ve never tried this simply because the name is enough to let me know I’d regret it but according to CampusSqueeze the taste isn’t what will have you running for the bathroom, but the consistency. Made with 3/4oz Baileys Irish Cream and 3/4oz Lime Juice that causes the Baileys to curdle.
  4. Smokers Cough: Another shot I haven’t had the pleasure of trying but thanks to CampusSqueeze they paint quite the picture of how horrible this really is. Made with 1.5oz Jagermeister and a dollop of warm mayonnaise, if you can imagine the consistency and not want to puke, maybe this is right up your alley.
  5. The New Jersey Turnpike:  Being from New Jersey, the name of this “shot” is quite offensive but people always hate what they can’t have. Anyway, this “shot” must be made at a bar before closing time. The bartender uses the bar mat and bar towel and squeezes both out into a shot glass. If you try this or have tried this I hope its on a dare or bet and that your friends covered your drinks for the night.

Not all of the ‘Worst’ drinks ever invented have to do with taste or consistency, some are just simply bad for you. And with spring (hopefully) right around the corner, we figured we would throw in the worst drinks for you health wise with some help from our friends at Better Being. For the full blog on which drinks to avoid click any of the links below.

  1. Sugary Mixers
  2. Sweet Drinks
  3. Frozen Drinks
  4. Beer

I’m sure we’ve missed a ton of terrible drinks so if you  have any we missed leave them in the comments below!


-The barHappy Team

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