Wine Myths Busted

Did you know it’s ok to have red wine with fish? The heavier the bottle doesn’t always make it better or decanting isn’t always necessary? We explore some of these myths and you just may grab a bottle of Pinot Noir next time you’ve got your fish on a cedar plank in the oven.

Red with meat, white with fish

Matching your vino to your meal is important but to say you can’t have red wine with fish just isn’t true. It’s important not to overpower the food so a Shiraz is not the best choice with steamed sea bass. On the other hand a meaty fish like swordfish or tuna pairs well with a light red.

The heavier and more impressive bottle, the better the wine

Not true. Some say the heavier and more impressive the bottle has to do more about the winemakers ego.

Old wine needs decanting

It’s true that some wines can be improved by decanting but older wines can be fragile. They have already aged in the bottle and swilling them around in a decanter could easily send them over the edge. Some great advice is to open the bottle a few hours before you’re serving it. Taste the wine immediately and again when it’s been in the glass for 10 minutes. You’ll know if it needs decanting.

Red wine is best at room temperature

This might go towards your personal taste. Try cooling it down slightly to see which you prefer better. Too often red wine is served too warm and it tastes soupy.

Can I put ice in my wine?

This is something I learned more about when I was into scotch. One bartender told me, “It’s your drink so do what you want.” I agreed and never looked back. The same can be said with wine.



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