Best Winter Themed Drinking Games

What better way to spend your weekends in the dead of winter than playing some drinking games to keep yourself getting cabin fever? Here are some of my favorite indoor and outdoor winter themed drinking games to help pass the time this winter. As always please enjoy these games responsibly and know when you’ve had too much!

Ski Pole Race: Can play with any number of people, you’ll need at least 1 case of beer (cans) depending on how many people you have and a roll of duct tape. This is a very simple game that may be pretty familiar to most of you. Everyone drinks as many cans of beer as they can, stacking them up into a tower as you finish each beer. The winner is determined by whoever has the tallest Ski Pole (tower) at the end, which can be determined by a time limit or go until the last man is standing.

Boxed Wine Bobsled: You’ll need at least 8 people (2 teams of 4,) a large area preferably with hills, snow, 6 boxes of wine and 2 sleds. First you must place 2 boxes of wine at 3 separate locations. Once the boxes are in place, each team must race to the first station and the team must finish the entire box of wine before the team can head to the next location and so on. You must take the empty box of wine with you from each station till you reach the designated finish line. The first team to finish all their boxes of wine and cross the finish line wins! You can do this with any number of stations depending on how many teams you have (teams of 4 works best).

Case Race: Depending on how many teams you have you’ll need that number of cases of beer. Split teams up evenly and make sure you have an extra person to referee that isn’t drinking (trust me theres always an argument). Just as simple at the Ski Pole Race, each team starts at the same time and must finish their case as fast as they can. You can either play under a time limit where the team to drink the most wins, or do it without a time limit and have the first team to finish their case be the winner.

Shot Roulette: You can either do this with the actual shot roulette set or play around a circular table with a shot glass in front of each player and a bottle of your choice. Shot Roulette is very similar to the classic game Spin the Bottle, that I’m sure we’ve all played at some awkward time in our lives. Going around the table clockwise, each player has a turn to spin the bottle, wherever the neck of the bottle lands, that player must fill their shot glass and take a shot. There’s no true winner to this game unless you play till people slowly bow out.

Bet Your Liver: You’ll need at least 3 people, a deck of cards and a pint glass. You start the game by having a once person pouring any amount of beer into the pint glass (their bet) and calling out black or red. The dealer will then pull a card from the shuffled deck and place the card face up on the table. If the bettor guessed the color correctly they will pass the glass onto the next person who must add their own ‘bet’ and guess either black or red. This will go on till a player guesses incorrectly and must drink whatever amount is in the glass. The process repeats till either everyone quits or you’re out of beer completely.

Feel free to comment with some of your favorite drinking games that we may have missed and think we need to try out!


-The barHappy Team


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