Beer Myths Busted

In the quest for the truth about beer I came across the Top 10 Beer Myths from Largo Beverage Superstore and was surprised at some of these.

Beer Myth 1: Beat the beer belly with light beer

Sure light beer has less calories between 90-100. Regular beers typically have less than 200 calories…I had no idea! I’ll be sticking with the good stuff from now on and cut something else out to shed a few pounds.

Beer Myth 2: The darker the beer, the more alcohol it contains

While I thought this was universally true, it is in fact, false. Guinness, which is a favorite of mine and the darkest around is only 4.2% ABV. It turns out ingredients like rice, syrup, honey and corn syrup add alcohol to beer and have no effect on the color. Toasted malts are responsible for the color.

Beer Myth 3: Beer is ruined if warmed up and refrigerated

This is another one I was sure to be true. Note quite so. Sure if you do it several times it will gradually happen but who keeps beer around that long anyways? Only extreme temperatures, air, light and time will effect your suds.

Beer Myth 4: The Guinness served in Ireland is better

The brew process is exactly the same whether it’s imported or exported (they don’t mess with a good thing). The same beer that’s poured across the street from the facility is the same poured across the pond here. The difference is freshness. It takes about two weeks for a keg to get to the states. Another thing that effects the taste of every beer on tap are clean lines. Click here to see how often you should be cleaning them.

Beer Myth 5: The best beers are in green bottles

It turns out brown bottles protect the beer better from light than green bottles. This myth comes from a shortage of brown glass in Europe after World War II.

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