Drink Trends for 2015

Whether you are an establishment owner, or just someone who likes to be in the know, we did the research and found the drink trends for this year! Baum and Whiteman, the World’s pre-eminent food and restaurant consulting company, that creates high profile restaurants around the world for hotels, restaurant companies, museums and other consumer destinations, made predictions for this year’s drink trends. They range from Cocktails with beer to Whiskey taking over Vodka’s throne. Here are our favorite predictions, click here for the full list of the Food and Beverage Trends (Page 8 starts the drink trends).

Shareable Punches: “Now liberated mixologists in fancy places are concocting large format punches that serve from multitudes of guests … with no l limits on pricing or ingredients.” Thirtsy. NYC came up with the list last March of ‘The Best 9 Places For Large Format Drinks in NYC’ (my personal favorite of the list is The Power Punch at The Anchor, also a great bar, minus the one bathroom!)

Soda Fountain Crashes the Bar (This trend might be one of my favorites, considering I have the biggest sweet tooth!): “Diet be damned adults are splashing booze into ice cream favorites.” They predict more and more bars will offer desserts in your drinks, for instance the restaurant Belmont House of Smoke, in Norfolk, offers a Guinness Float and in NYC, a new diner is offering ‘adult shakes’.

Vodka Cedes The Throne (This one comes as a shock to me, but I am not mad about it): “Brown whiskey at long last outstripped vodka in sales dollars. Bourbon, rye, blends and Scotch are enjoying a renaissance because drinkers want more body.” This is an up and coming trend for wine lovers to enjoy, it is a great liquor to switch to after have a glass of red (or vice versa)! If you are looking to try this trend, here are the establishments in NYC with a great Bourbon selection.

Hope you enjoy the new trends as much as us and let us know your favorite!




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