Myths, Recipes And Suggestions For Keeping Warm This Winter

There is no denying it, winter is in full effect and Groundhog Day is still a few weeks away. Thankfully Mayor De Blasio will be hands off this years groundhog, but I’m guessing there will be payback for last years debacle…6 more weeks of winter is my prediction. Here are some tips, myths, recipes and suggestions for keeping warm:

If you’re like me you probably miss the warm feeling and inviting aroma a fireplace provides. I often walk for blocks in envy of the smell coming from some apartments and think back to the Seinfeld episode where Jerry wonders how much to tip the wood guy. I realize an easy remedy would be to move to suburbia but can’t justify giving up my rent-stabilized spot (don’t hate). There really is no need to move anywhere when we have so many great establishments who already have a fireplace right here in the city (they probably tip the wood guy). Head to any of these for your favorite cocktail and bask in the warmth.

Does alcohol keep you warm? It may feel that way, but it’s an illusion. Here are the facts.

Forgot your ChapStick at home? Here are 11 ways to prevent chapped lips in a pinch from the Huffington Post.

If you regret not getting the flu shot this year and Chicken Soup isn’t enough, check out these 10 Foods to Fight Colds.

Now that we know alcohol doesn’t keep you warm it doesn’t mean there aren’t ideal seasonal drinks. Check out these 10 Classic Libations to pair with freezing temperatures. You may also like some of our Winter Drink RecipesHot Chocolate and Booze and our 15 Favorite Winter Beers.

If it’s too cold to leave your house than you should probably be sipping on any of the above beverages and jamming out. Here are some of my favorites:

Fleet Foxes “White Winter Hymnal”

The Moody Blues “A Winter’s Tale”

Lindsay Buckingham “Holiday Road”

Vashti Bunyan “Winter Is Blue”

Jethro Tull “First Snow In Brooklyn”

Guided By Voices “Doughnut For A Snowman”

The Bangles “Hazy Shady Of Winter”

Kate Bush “Under Ice”

Belle And Sebastian “The Fox In The Snow”

The Cure “Winter”

Ray Charles “Winter Wonderland”

Harry Nilsson “Snow”

Animal Collective “Winter’s Love”

Tom Rush “Urge For Going”

Captain Beefheart “Steal Softly Through Snow”

Elliot Smith “Angel In The Snow”

Elvis Costello “I Felt The Chill Before The Winter Came”

The Rolling Stones “Winter”

The Doors “Wintertime Love”

Real Estate “Snow Days”

Neil Young “Winterlong”

Super Furry Animals “Summer Snow”

The Walkmen “While I Shovel The Snow”

XTC “Snowman”

Bruce Springsteen “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out”

Do you have any great winter cocktail recipes or suggestions for staying warm? We’d love to hear them.




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