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With Summer winding down I’m sure many of you (similar to myself) are trying to soak in the last few weeks of  partying outside or at house parties rather than just the bars. What better way to spice up a BBQ or house party than some drinking games? We’ve put together a list of some of our favorites, some of which may be new to you and some I’m sure you’ve played once or twice (or can’t remember how many times).

Lend a Hand: this is a variation to Flip Cup so you can play with any number of people but you’ll be in pairs so you’ll need an even number. For equipment all you’ll need is a table, some Solo cups and the drink of your choice. Once everyone is paired up, one person will be standing behind the other. The person in front places their hands in their own pockets and the person in back puts their arms through the others (in between their arms and torso). Once you’re ready to start the game the person with their arms through the other has to pick the cup up to the teammates mouth for them to drink and once finished must flip it over, and so on down the line.

21 Cup Beer Pong/Beirut: 6 People, 42 Solo cups (plus water cups), 3 different color or separately marked ping pong balls. With 3 people on each team, each person will match up with a member of the other team. Each pair will have their own ping pong ball and can only shoot that ball. When the member of the other team you’re paired up with sinks a cup you must drink it before you can shoot. The game is rapid fire so as long as the member of the other team you’re paired with missed or you’ve finished your cup you can shoot. The team to sink the last cup first gets to have the rest of their team try to make it, if all 3 make it the game is over. If the player you’re matched up against makes it you cannot shoot at the last cup but you’re teammates can to try for overtime. Typically when I’ve played we’ve done 3 racks, but you can leave it up to house rules.

Baseball: 6 people, 10 cups, beer, ping pong balls, ping pong/beer pong table. Place 3 cups stacked in an I formation in the middle of the table and place the another cup elsewhere on the table (somewhere difficult for the other team to sink). The 3 cups in the I formation represent (from closest to the other side of the table back) a single, double and triple, the other scattered cup is a home run. Each team will go through their “batting order” and shoot for whichever cup they want trying to score runs, if they sink it you must drink it and fill it back up. Each miss counts as an out so once they miss 3, their half of the inning is over. You can play this for 9 innings and keep score on a piece of paper so you don’t lose track. As an extra twist, I’ve played before where each team would place an extra cup on each side of the net on the pingpong table full of beer. Whichever team is “up to bat” and has runners on can have someone run over and try to chug that beer and flip it over like flip cup for a stolen base. To throw out the runner you must also run over to the beer and try to finish it and flip it over before the baserunner does.

7, 11 or Doubles: 2 dice, table to sit at, drink of choice. Everyone sits around the table with a drink of their own filled 3/4 in front of them. Each player rolls the two dice, the player with the highest total number will roll first. The first player rolls the dice, if they roll a 7, 11 or double (two of the same #’s) they choose a player to drink. If the player rolling doesn’t roll a 7, 11 or double they pass the dice to their left. If the player rolled a 7, 11 or double and choose another player to drink they must roll another 7, 11 or double before the other player finishes their drink, if they do the other player must fill their drink 3/4 the way again and repeat the process. If that player finishes their drink before a 7, 11 or double is rolled again the roller passes the dice to their left.

Chandeliers: 4-6 people, table, quarters, 30 cans of beer, 1 cup for each player and a taller cup, (optional bottle of liquor). Place the taller cup in the middle of the table and fill nearly to the top with beer (or a shot of the liquor). Then place the other cups at regular intervals around the center cup and fill each cup up 1/2 way with beer. Choose a person to start and try to bounce a quarter into one of the cups. If the quarter lands in a cup, the owner of that cup must drink their beer and let someone else refill the cup for them. You can not touch your cup in anticipation of your cup getting chosen. If it bounces in the middle cup, everyone finishes their beer, and the last person to finish and put their cup must also drink the taller cup in the middle. The only time you shoot more than once is if you make it in the middle cup. This game can go on forever so their isn’t really a winner.

Ice Cube Tray Boat Race: table, ice trays (# depends on # of people playing), straws, drink of choice. You split into teams matching up against someone on the other team with the ice tray in front of you completely full. You place the straw in your mouth and place your hands behind your back, and like a standard boat race two people start and once your teammate finishes their tray you go on down the line and the first team to finish all their trays wins.

If we missed some of your favorites or want to share something you and your friends came up with leave them in the comments below. And as always drink responsibly and enjoy!


-The barHappy Team

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