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Everyone knows New York City is famous for many things, and Broadway plays are on the top of that list! We want to make it easier for you while you are planning your day around the play, so we came up with a list of our favorite spots. These establishments are around the heart of the Theater District and Times Square, some even offer beautiful views of Manhattan. Any place you pick, you can’t go wrong, whether you want to brunch before the play or drinks after you will enjoy! Check them out and let us know what you think:

Lucilles Bar and Grille
: 237 W 42nd St.- Lucilles Bar and Grille is located inside B.B. King Blues Club offering delicious Soul Food. I would suggest coming here after the play, so you will be able to enjoy live music (starting at 8PM) and also the food is so good you may go into food coma. This place is especially good if you are a meat lover, their ribs are amazing. Since the location is Time Square the prices are a little higher than average places but it is worth it, between the live music and food.
House of Brews: 363 W 46th St.- House of Brews is perfect if you are on a budget. It is located in Hell’s Kitchen, so the prices aren’t as high as they would be if it was in Times Square. The staff is super friendly and accommodating. You will have to walk a bit to get here but it is worth it. The food is outstanding for a ‘sports bar’ and a perfect place to relax after a great Broadway show.
The Press Lounge: 653 11th Ave at 48th St.- The Press Lounge has amazing views of New York City as well as the Hudson, located on top of Ink48 Hotel and offers delicious drinks along with tapas plates. It’s location is perfect not only for the views but it doesn’t get as crowded as other rooftop places in the City because it is so far West. This is another place that you will have to walk a bit to go to from Broadway but the atmosphere is definitely worth it. They also offer indoor seating if the weather is bad or if you’d rather eat inside.
Tonic East: 411 3rd Ave at 29th St.-Tonic East has a second floor as well as a roof top to choose from, if it is a nice day I would suggest the roof top, if not then the second floor! The staff is friendly and they make sure you always have a full drink. This would be a perfect place to get drinks before heading to your show. They have excellent prices that you wont feel completely broke after a few drinks and some food.
Lillie’s Victorian Bar :249 W 49th St- Lillie’s is different than the other places listed, it is in the heart of Broadway and the Theater District, and the decor is none like I’ve seen. You will feel like you stepped back in time and out of Manhattan. The staff is very friendly and if you are lucky the owner will be there and you’ll be able to talk and hear great stories. I would suggest coming here for brunch before the show. They have excellent Bloody Marys and offer all kinds of breakfast cuisine.


The barHappy Team

Cheers, The barHappy Team
Cheers, The barHappy Team

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