Build your own Bloody Mary Bars

Bloody Mary’s are one of my favorite brunch/hungover go to’s, it is the perfect combination of tomato juice and a little hint (or a lot) of spiciness. Everyone has their own style of Bloody Mary’s, which is why Build your own Bloody Mary bars are a genius idea! As of right now there are only a few around New York City, but we can be hopeful more will start to pop up. I would advise to call ahead and make a brunch reservation.

Saxon + Parole: 316 Bowery-  Nothing better than having freshly squeezed tomato juice in your Bloody Mary! For $12 you will receive your glass with their Bloody Mary mix, then you will head over to the bar and add your favorite garnishes. These include hot sauces, spices, celery salt and pickled veggies. One thing that stands out at this Bloody Mary bar is their pickled okra, if you love southern/Texas food, you must add these to your drink!

KTCHN508 W 42nd St- Just for $10 you can build your perfect Bloody Mary. First choose your liquor, from 42 Below, Russian Standard, Grey Goose and Stolichnaya. Then you will head over to the amazing bar and pick your fixin’s. The options are endless, they have three different tomato juices (house, oyster, or beef bouillon), veggies, and seasonings (six gourmet salts- chiptole, expresso-infused, hickory smoked).  You will love being able to make your own, but if you don’t feel like mixin’ and matchin’ you can opt for the regular Bloody Mary.

house, oyster, or beef bouillon),

Did we happen to miss your favorite build you own Bloody Mary Bar? Let us know, we would love to hear from you. If you can’t make it out over the weekend to try these places, here’s our friend Kelly’s favorite Bloody Mary recipe.


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