The Bold and Spicy Bloody Mary

Our friend Kelly is back! This time she is sharing her perfect recipe for a bold and spicy Bloody Mary. In case you missed Kelly’ s other blogs about Summer Sips for Chicks, check it out here or the Perfect Margarita, click here!

Whether you’re in need of a little “hair of the dog” or enjoying a lovely brunch, a really good Bloody Mary hits the spot every time! The original Bloody Mary was pretty basic: tomato juice, vodka, some Worcester and a celery stalk. Not too much zing. As gourmet foodies, that included both bartenders and chefs, became known as “mixologists,” we began to see various hybrid Bloody Mary concoctions hit the menus and the ingredients were both interesting and delicious! Now, you can find a Bloody Mary made with either vodka or tequila, the spicy kick can run from mild to muy caliente, and the garnish choices are vast: all kinds of veggies from celery and olives to pickled asparagus, baby corn and green beans. This is one cocktail that has no limits and many spices and seasonings enhance the already robust flavor. If making Bloody Mary’s at home, here is a recipe that is used in many 5 star restaurants:

Tomato Juice (12 oz,Campbell’s, or Sacramento)
Fresh squeezed lemon juice
Fresh squeezed lime juice
A-1 steak sauce (1 tsp)
Worcestershire sauce (1 tsp)
Olive juice (1 tbsp)
Hot sauce (not tabasco) (1 tsp)
Celery seeds crushed or powder (not salt)
Grey Goose Vodka (2 oz)

Use a large 16-20 oz glass. Wet the rim with a piece of fresh lime. Then dip the glass rim into a mixture of sea salt, black pepper, and cayenne pepper. Add ice about half way up. Mix all of the ingredients in a separate container and then pour into the salt rimmed glass with the ice. Squeeze fresh lemon and lime on top and add a celery stick….Enjoy!!!!!!!
If you’re going out in NYC to enjoy a Bloody, here are links to places that offer unlimited Bloody Mary’s!!!

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