Bar Activities

Sometimes we all need a break from the ordinary nights out of drinking, and we are here to help solve that problem. There are tons of bars around NYC that offer all types of activities, so we came up with a list of activities and the best places to go do them.

Trivia: This is the best way to test your knowledge and work as a group to win some cool prizes. There’s a bunch of fun places to play but Dempsey’s pub and Gael pub are my favorite places to play. Dempsey’s Pub is located in the East Village with trivia night on Wednesdays, which can get competitive at times but don’t let that deter you from the fun times. If you win you’ll receive a discount on your tab, but they also offer prizes for other categories, such as best handwriting, most spirited, etc.  The Gael Pub trivia is on Tuesdays, located on the Upper East Side. Their trivia varies from movies, TV, books, to pop culture and more! Winner gets $50 gift certificate for 1st prize & $25 for second, they also offer a Free raffle for a $20 bar tab.

Karaoke: It doesn’t matter if you are an amazing singer or just love to sing, karaoke is perfect! Planet Rose and 32 Karaoke are my favorite places to sing my heart out. At Planet Rose (located in the East Village)  you do not want to be shy because the stage is in the center of the bar, but don’t worry no one will judge you everyone is there to have a good time! However if you are shy, Planet Rose also offers a smaller spot to sing. They have a great song book, so I am sure your favorite go-to song is in there! 32 Karaoke is another one of my favorites because of the great prices on karaoke and beers, which is surprising because they are located in Midtown West.

Pool/Foosball/Air Hockey/Shuffle Board: Who doesn’t love drinking some beers and playing some games with your friends. Parkside Lounge and Fat Cat offer the best type of games, from pool to foosball to shuffle board. Parkside Lounge is located on the Lower East Side and is the best of both worlds, they have live music, pool tables, foosball tables etc. so many options to keep you busy as you drink. Fat Cat has it all too! Games ranging from foosball, ping pong, pool, and much more! Head over to the West Village for an inexpensive laid back time.

Arcade Games: If you love going to arcades then Barcade is perfect for you! It will seem like you are at an arcade with the amount of options they have. The games range from 80s and 90s popular video games.  Barcade is located in Williamsburg  and offer a great selection of beers and ciders. Ace Bar is located in East Village and has pinball along with other games too such as skeeball! Ace Bar also has great specials and deals on drinks, so you really can’t beat it.

Board Games: Bring back your childhood with playing all kinds of board games at the bar. This time you if you lose you can just drink instead of whining about your loss. Dive 75 on the Upper West Side offers a handful of games from Battleship to Connect 4! They also offer free candy to really bring back your childhood, this time you don’t have to worry about taking candy from strangers. Common Ground is another bar that offers board games. They are located in the East Village and have a ton of games from Jenga to Trivial Pursuit along with other classic board games. While you are at Common Ground you should also try their piggy backs!


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