Don’t let Hurricane Arthur be a Buzzkill

Hurricane Arthur is making its way up the coastline this weekend and may ruin your outdoor BBQ, but don’t let it ruin your 4th of July celebration. Move the party inside and try to perfect these Hurricane and 4th of July themed drinks! Enjoy and lets us know what you think of them.

Hurricane: These rum drinks are very popular in New Orleans and go perfect with the theme of the day. You will need light and dark rum, grenadine, orange juice, sugar and a slice or two of oranges. Mix it all together and enjoy this refreshing drink.

4th of July Martini: If you like your Martinis shaken this drink is perfect for you! Mix vodka, triple sec, blue curacao, and sweet-and-sour mix in a shaker, after pour grenadine into the glass and enjoy your patriotic beverage.

Dark and Stormy: Hopefully this weekend wont be dark and stormy but if you like your drinks dark this is perfect for you! You’ll need black rum and ginger beer, pour rum over ice and top with the ginger beer, stir well and enjoy!

Layered Patriotic Punch: This drink is for the frozen drink and American lovers! Make some Pina Coladas, pour some into a cup then add Friut Punch and top that off with Blueberry-Pomegranate juice (or Gatorade to stay hydrated well you indulge). If you really want to top it off, pour some vodka on top!

Rainy Night: These drinks may make you want to sing rain rain go away the next day but they are delicious and fitting for this weather. Mix vodka, whiskey, peach juice, vermouth and lemon juice and serve over ice!

We hope you have a wonderful and a safe holiday weekend!



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