Our friend Kelly is back to help our readers make the perfect Margarita. In case you missed Kelly’ s other blog about Summer Sips for Chicks, check it out here!

Frozen or on the rocks, with salt or no salt….a Margarita always sounds good to me. I love the blend of tangy with sweet and when sitting poolside or on the beach, a margarita is always my cocktail amigo. There are so many ways to make a margarita and the flavors that can be added to the refreshing lime drink are endless, it’s fun to experiment!

Here are some tips for making great Margaritas at home:

1. Skip the bottled sour mix. If you are making margaritas from scratch, use fresh lime juice and simple syrup or even a bit of powdered sugar. Fresh sour mix can be made by combining 1 part each water, sugar, fresh lime juice and fresh lemon juice.

2. Go for the agave. Real tequila is made from 100% agave and is not blended with additives such as grain alcohol. The flavor is infinitely better. Hornitos Reposado is a good one.

3. Try different types of orange liquor. You can use triple sec which is sweet, or a dryer higher alcohol liquor like Cointreau, brandy based Grand Marnier or rum based Creole Shrub. Experiment and discover what you like best.4. Margaritas don’t just come in lime and strawberry versions. When it comes to trying new flavors, buy the best quality mixers possible. I love the Agave gourmet mixes from Williams-Sonoma. And their key lime skinny margarita mix is out of this world!

Now let’s discuss chips, salsa, and guacamole……

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