Our Favorite Dive Bars

Give me a good juke box and a cold beer and I’m content.  These are some of my favorite dives around.

Double Down Saloon – This is one of my favorite places to hang on the LES.  The jukebox is filled with punk, garage, lo-fi, rock and broken blues.  They have great specials and a backyard smoking patio.  There are not many rules here but one is “you puke..you clean” so proceed with caution.

Holland Bar – This is one of the smallest bars I’ve been in with seating for about two dozen.  They have a decent jukebox and whoever is behind the bar will become your new best friend.  This gem is located in Hell’s Kitchen with happy hour starting at 8am and don’t be surprised if your feet stick to the floor a little, it’s a dive bar.

Milano’s Bar – Milano’s is a gritty, non-pretentious spot with a killer jukebox.  Hopefully you can score a seat at the bar and the few times I’ve been each bartender has been amazing.  For a dive the bathroom is pretty decent.

Pit Stop Bar – If you find yourself in Greenpoint stop by Pit Stop Bar.  The bartenders are so friendly you’ll feel like they are serving you in your own home.  The drinks are cheap and if there is a game you’d like to watch they are happy to oblige.  If you’re hungry order in some food from one of the joints nearby.

Reif’s Tavern – It was great to find such a dive on the UES.  Reif’s has been serving up great drinks and fun since 1942, so they told me.  This is the kind of place you might walk in as a stranger, but will leave as friends.  They have a great patio out back where you can bring your own food.

Ruby’s – Ruby’s has been a staple of the boardwalk in Coney Island since it opened in 1975.  They have been family owned and operated since opening, making them the oldest bar and grill on the boardwalk and the only spot with indoor seating.  They have an award winning jukebox and you can stare aimlessly into the Atlantic ocean while enjoying a cold one.

The Subway Inn – This was actually one of the first bars I visited when moving to NYC 19 years ago.  This gem hasn’t changed a bit.  It’s dark and filled with some scary characters who keep to themselves, unless you walk in with a pretty girl.  A Budweiser costs a few bucks and a mixed drink is pretty cheap too.  The jukebox has a decent mix.


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