Memorial Day Weekend: Jersey Shore

If you haven’t been paying attention, the Jersey Shore is back! This is the second summer since Hurricane Sandy and we couldn’t be happier that more places are opening again. The shore is the perfect place to escape New York City on weekends, it is a short drive (or train ride) as long as there is no traffic (good luck with that though)! We came up with our favorite spots in some of the shore towns down the Jersey coast. Check it out, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do, and enjoy the long holiday weekend.


Bar A: This is a perfect bar because there are so many sections and different types bars to go to in one establishment. They have an indoor bar with live music, a bar with a shot wheel, tons of outsides bars, lounge area in the sand, and in the back a DJ bar. It really has something for everyone. It can get packed though, especially on Tuesdays with Beat the Clock! Get there early and one tip: bring two forms of ID, they can be strict!

D’Jais: What is there to not love about D’Jais! This is another large establishment, with a few bars you’ll be able to get drinks from which helps when it gets busy. They have great happy hours (Saturday Happy Hours are my favorite) and on Thursdays they have theme parties, which are always fun to go to. For Memorial Day weekend they have several things planned and kicking it off Thursday with Ladies Night!


Leggetts: This is another awesome beach bar, they have live music, Bud bingo, a shot wheel, and good prices. It is a casual atmosphere with a fun crowd of people, you can’t go wrong, however it does get pretty packed on weekends. Leggetts isn’t as big as some of the other bars but it definitely has a big personality.

Osprey: Osprey is another huge bar down the shore with multiple bars inside. You can listen to live music or walk twenty feet into another section of the bar and listen to a DJ. You will always have a fun time here, it is a young crowd and doesn’t get too packed where it is uncomfortable. Warning for all the female readers: wear shoes with backs on them or you can’t get in!!

Point Pleasant:

Martell’s Tiki Bar: This is located at the  Jenkinson’s Boardwalk, perfect spot for drinks after a day on the beach! They have live music playing and delicious drinks! It can get packed, so get there early to grab a table and enjoy the views, sun, and beverages.

Jenks Night Club: Some may find this too ‘Jersey Shore’ but it can be a fun time. They have loud music and it is a mix of music from pop, rock, hip hop, and house music, sometimes even some good throw back songs. They also have some of the great Jersey cover bands, The Nerds, The Benjamins, just to name a few. Jenks is a huge space and has great pizza for some late night eating!

Sea Girt:

Parker House: Perfect for Friday night Happy Hours! It is two levels, the upstairs is a restaurant and then the basement is where the party is at! They also have a porch to enjoy on warm summer nights. The basement is so much fun, there are a few bars you can post up by and party. Just a heads up the basement is cash only!!

Long Beach Island:

Joe Pops: This place is great for many reasons. They have a Tiki bar area for happy hours and still be able to get some sun. Along with that they have delicious bucket drinks and cheap drinks. Some nights they do have a cover depending if it is a holiday or certain bands playing. The dance floor is a good size and they also have pool tables and shuffle board. It has a little bit of everything. This Saturday The Benjamin’s will be playing, you should definitely go and check them out!

The Shell: Another fun location to go to with a Tiki/pool bar and also a huge space indoors. They have live bands as well as DJs and perfect dancing space. Love the outdoor bar space to enjoy the ocean breeze while partying.  The best day to go is on ‘Thunder Thursday’ they have amazing specials.

If these aren’t in your shore town, search your neighborhood on to find the perfect spot for you! Enjoy the holiday weekend!!


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