New barHappy Feature: Neighborhood Searching on the App

We are excited to announce the latest feature to our iPhone App, the “Neighborhood Search” with enhanced Map Functionalities.  This new search allows you to find specials and events or the atmosphere of your choice in any neighborhood right at your finger tips.  Gone are the days of heading to a different part of town and not knowing what to do or where to go.

The Neighborhood Search works from both our “Find” and “Specials” section on the app depending on your criteria.

Find Mode– As always you can use our Relax, Listen, Play, Mingle and Watch search options to locate a desired atmosphere for you and your friends.  Now you can use those same features and narrow down your search by neighborhood.  After you have selected one of the many options you can use the “Filters” button, then “Neighborhood”.  After you have selected your city simply type which neighborhood you’re interested in, then “Find It”.  Locating a new pub, lounge or pool hall has never been easier.

Specials  Mode– Who doesn’t love a good drink or food deal?  Not only can you find all of those but you can search each city by neighborhoods to find exactly what you’re looking for.  After clicking “Specials” you can choose from our “Selected Specials and Events”.  Once you have made your decision on what to eat, drink or do you can scroll down and search by neighborhood.  Simply choose your city and type the neighborhood of your choice in the “search” box.  Then hit “Find It”.

Take a look at all our updates with you in mind!


The barHappy Team

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