The Best & Most Unique Brunches

It’s the little things that bars and restaurants do to differentiate and distinguish themselves as a primetime Brunch destination. For us, it’s the atmosphere and setting that goes along with the traditional food items like omelets and flapjacks, and of course the drink orders of Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas.
Here are our favorite unique Brunch destinations:
Turning back the hands of time…
Lucky’s Lounge – Sunday’s are meant to be relaxing. Well, you can argue everyday is supposed to be relaxing, but that’s just not the case anymore. What about during the 1950’s, were they relaxed? Paying tribute to Ol’ Blue Eyes himself, Lucky’s “swings” back into time and with their iconic Sinatra Brunch. To go along with the “My Way” special and Flapjacks, on Sundays Lucky’s entertains its visitors with the soothing live tunes of Frank “The Voice” Sinatra.
Food fight!
Mass Ave Tavern – No, there aren’t any establishments allowing food to be flung in the faces of others, not yet. This is more of a literal dispute between man and food. A struggle is a more suitable choice of words on second thought. Participate in the weekend Flapjack Challenge for a chance to win yourself a FREE meal. All you need to do is finish 6 lbs. of pancakes! No sweat, right?
Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey!
Tremont 647 & Sister Sorel – Isn’t Sunday supposed to be lazy and relaxing? Why go through all that trouble of putting on new clothes only to come back home and slip into the ones you had on before? That’s just more clothes that need to be washed for no apparent reason. It’s ideologies like this that make certain establishments worthwhile. At Tremont, all forms of sleeping attire are welcome at their weekend Pajama Brunch with delectable food and drink choices.
“Tell them reggae music is on the loose.”
West End Johnnies – Wrapping up the weekend at Johnnies, usually after a fulfilling weekend of late night entertainment, you have the luxury of being part of something unique in its own way. Paired with the exquisite options of the brunch food essentials, guests are entertained by live Reggae performances every Sunday. Offering something different for your ears, stop by West End Johnnies and see what the buzz is all about.
– barHappy Team

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