Adding Bars to Your Personal Wishlist

We are always introduced to the newest pulsating club Downtown, informed of a unique (but chilling) Ice Bar, or are guided to an Irish pub that pours the best Guinness in town, but far too many times our memory escapes us and we never fulfill our nightlife desires. Well, with the latest feature presented by barHappy, users are able to fulfill their nightlife and entertainment needs by the click of a few buttons. Additionally, you have the opportunity to do it on the spot with the new and improved barHappy iPhone app. BONUS ALERT: You can even earn barHappy points, that by reaching certain point levels you may net some sweet rewards.

Here’s how it works:

Adding bars to your wishlist

Once you have searched and found the bar you are looking for, you can add the bar to your wishlist from the establishments profile page OR from a search results page by selecting the wishlist icon.

Planning a night out

By planning a night out, you can add bars to an outing and invite your friends to schedule a meet up after work or a get together and watch the big game at a local sports bar.

Fulfilling your night out

Congratulation! By checking an item off your wishlist you have successfully fulfilled a nightlife desire.

Reviewing your experience

When you’ve finally fulfilled your bar visit, rate and review your experience and share it on Facebook so your friends can fulfill their wishlist as well!



– barHappy Team

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