Football Fans, Game Day Guides are Here

We’ve all been there before: you bite the bullet and tell yourself you’re going to follow your team to an away game this season. You shell out the cash for a ticket, get your buddies to do the same, pack your facepaint and sacred game day jersey, and sacrifice umpteen hours of your life on the road, all so you can cheer your team on to destiny.

But what about when you get to your game day city? You’ve got hours before you need to get your pre-game beauty sleep, so why not go out on the town, right?

Or what about after the game? Your return trip doesn’t start until morning and you and the new-found bleacher buddies you met in line for nachos want to go grab a drink. But you have no idea where to go. You’re not from around here.

Don’t worry, barHappy.

Introducing barHappy Game Day Guides. We’ll put together the best pre, post and game day NCAA and NFL options for you and your crew so you don’t have to. With barHappy locations in 18 of the nation’s largest cities, we’ll find the bars, specials and entertainment options in the locations you’re looking for. We might even throw in our two-cents about the match up.

Have a suggestion for what games we should cover this season? Leave a comment for us below.



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