#NewBarHappy: Features and Updates With You In Mind

At barHappy, our goal has always been to make having a great night out with friends easier than ever to find. That’s why we’ve completely redesigned our website and app to better match our users’ needs.

Introducing #NewBarHappy. We’ve refined our search, added hundreds more locations and created new features to make planning a night simple and fun. A lot’s changed since our first launch, and we think you’re going to love it. .

Find the food, drink or location you’re looking for

Use the search bar to look up old favorites and find new bars in any of our 18 existing U.S. locations. Type in filters like “beer” or “pizza” and select your city to narrow down a list of locations that fits your exact wants for the night.

Breakdown your search with 5 categories 

If you’re on the hunt for something a little more specific, use one of our five atmosphere filters: Relax, Listen, Play, Mingle and Watch. Once you choose a filter, you can then choose what kind of amenities you’d like. Choose from things like pool tables, live music, HD TVs and more.

Relax: Want to take it easy? Maybe grab drinks with some buddies after work or wine with the girls this weekend? This category contains places that are laid back where you can casually sit down and have a beer, maybe an appetizer.

Listen: If you want to hear live music, go dancing or checkout the club scene, select this category. We have listings for local venues as well as nationally-known ones.

Play: Billiards, darts and pub quizzes are just some of the bar games we have listed in this category.

Mingle: Looking to meet someone new or find a new date spot? We have club listings, singles bars and gay and lesbian bars and more listed here.

Watch: Never miss the big game, fight or race again. Narrow your search by selecting sports bars or restaurants with HD TVs.

Create Wishlists and Share With Friends

Never again will you hear about a new bar then forget to go back. Now you can save bars you’d like to check out later to your wishlist. Share your list on Facebook with your friends to have them join you as you check them off one-by-one.

Find drink, food and happy hour Specials 

When you’re looking for an outing on a dime, use the Specials page to find the best deals and promotions nearest you. If you stumble upon a new bar with a special you’d like to check out later, remember to add it to your wishlist.

Plan an Outing with friends

If you’re the designated party planner in the group, then this feature’s for you. Now you can elevate the stress of planning birthday parties, bachelorette parties, group dinners and more by creating an Outing event with barHappy. Select the bars and locations you’re planning on going to and invite your barHappy friends to come along. Then share your event on Facebook to reach the rest of your crew.

With the new features of barHappy, there’s endless ways to have a great time in your city. Download the iOS barHappy app today in the App Store or sign up for an account at barHappy.com.

What do you think of the #NewBarHappy? We want to know. Leave a comment for us below.

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