15 Whiskey Bars of Chicago

Small batches of Whiskey or vast selections between Bourbon’s and Scotches, we attempt to pair your pour with marriageable situations that seem just right. Whether it be the traditional Irish theme, a soothing atmosphere for a much needed after-work drink, or food items that go hand-in-hand with a glass on the rocks, these bars selected will hopefully meet all expectations.

Here are 15 worthwhile bars serving the tastiest Whiskey’s:

1.) Bangers & Lace – Although known for its craft beer and delicious food menu, Bangers & Lace does offer 38 different Bourbon’s and a small batch of Rye Whiskey’s (8). While B&L doesn’t WOW you with an astronomical drink menu, it is an ideal after-work social gathering spot on Division Street for munching away on quality foods guzzled with the flavors of American brown liquors.

2.) Bar on Buena – Tweaking Dorothy’s famous line to “Scotches, Bourbon’s, and Rye’s – OH MY!” Bar on Buena dishes out a selection of 69 Scotches, 33 Bourbon’s and Ryes, along with 15 Irish Whiskey’s. Presenting one of Chicago’s best Whiskey Flight programs, with a selection 20 Flights (and 3 additional Scotch Flights) stop in on Thursday’s for their daily special and receive 25% off all Flights of Beer and Whiskey.

3.) Bullhead Cantina – It’s unique to think of a Taco bar whose pairings of drink choices are opposite of Tequila, isn’t it? Well, that is what makes the Bullhead Cantina even more exciting and worth trying out. Displaying nearly 50 different Irish and American Whiskey’s and a batch of Scotch, create a new palate by mixing and matching fresh Mexican food with Irish-American liquids.

4.) Clark Street Ale House – Situated on the Near North Side part of town, the Clark Street Ale House attracts visitors with its clever storefront signs and brigade of Scotch, Bourbon, Rye’s, and a small series of Irish Whiskey’s. Prompting those passing by: “If you can’t get into heaven, go straight to Ale,” the selections of Scotch (68), Bourbon and Rye (31), and 10 Irish Whiskey’s make you want to settle down on Earth for just a bit longer.

5.) Delilah’s – If you are a Romeo searching for a Juliet, and that Juliet happens to be Whiskey (or vice versa)…well then you have over 400 choices to choose from. Just try and stay away from the balcony though. A true Rock N’ Roll bar located in Lincoln Park, to go along with pinball, billiards, and live DJ’s and Juke Box tunes during the week and on the weekends, Delilah’s offers one of Chicago’s largest stacks of Whiskey available. Displaying 400+ surely qualifies Delilah’s as being synonymous with Whiskey.

6.) The Duke of Perth – Chicago’s very own Scottish pub, the source of pride comes from the Duke’s Whiskey cellar, offering nearly 80 heroic Malts from the Highlands, Lowlands, Campbeltown, and Speyside regions. Breaking it down, this establishment is the master (Duke) of Scotches in Chicago (Perth).

7.) Emporium Arcade Bar – Over 40 Arcade games and 50 Whiskey selections to choose from between American/Bourbon (24), Single Malt Scotch (10), Blended Scotch (8), Irish Whiskey (7), and Canadian Whisky, it’s a BARCADE! A unique setting, but an amusing night out, you can’t go wrong with drinking adult nectars with youthful entertainment options (that’s just a stereotype- right?)

8.) Faith & Whiskey – Adding to Lincoln Park’s vibrant neighborhood, Faith & Whiskey is one of the primetime locations near DePaul’s campus. Operating just three days a week (Thur-Sat), with 63 American/Bourbon Whiskey’s and 42 Single Malt Scotch Whisky selections available, it would be wise to show your face at least on one of those days.

9.) Five Star Bar – Lodged in Noble Square of Chicago’s West Town, the Five Star Bar is another ultimate Rock N’ Roll themed establishment with a prized Whiskey menu. Decorated with tattoos and idols of our past, it’s a bar with an attitude. Order yourself one of their delicious juicy burgers and wash it down with one of their showcased Bourbons (56), Whiskey’s (54), or Scotches (34).

10.) The Gage – Along the legendary Michigan Ave, and a few paces from Millennium Park, the Gage is an upscale bar and restaurant boasting some of the RAREST Whiskey’s around. With 30+ Single Malt Scotches, 18 Irish Whiskey’s, 12 Bourbons, and a few Rye Whiskey’s to choose from, the Gage is the perfect location to start or end your night out along Chicago’s famous downtown area. If you stop by this establishment, try the $28 Whiskey Flight of selected Whiskey’s that are paired to perfection.

11.) Longman & Eagle – The philosophy of L&E is ‘Whiskey for your mouth, not for our shelves,” and with 148 Whiskey’s to embrace, they are not mounted on the wall primarily for decoration reasons, although 148 bottles of Whiskey on the wall is a sight for sore eyes. Settled in Logan Square, the rundown of L&E can be explained as being a Whiskey drinkers paradise in a relaxed Gastropub setting.

12.) The Monkey’s Paw – A warm and cozy neighborhood joint, more on the intimate side, the PAW pours over 100 different labels of Whiskey. Upon the monumental whiskey wall looming at the bar, your choices vary from Single Malt Scotch (86) with six Flights, Bourbon (16), Rye (14), Irish Whiskey (13), Blended Scotch (8), Local Whiskey (7), International Malt Whisky (4) – each with a special Whiskey Flight prepared.

13.) PitchFork – As we have seen, Whiskey has many marriageable conditions and PitchFork offers yet another dazzling pairing. What meal goes best with a pour of Whiskey? The justified response here would be their Pulled Pork or slabs of Ribs saturated with BBQ spices to be the remedy. With 100+ on the drink menu, form an alliance between food and beverage and fulfill all your cravings in one sitting.

14.) Rocks (Lincoln Park) – Phrasing the Irish proverb, “What Whiskey will not cure, there is no cure for,” the expression is appropriate when heading into Rocks. Though not an Irish themed establishment, with nearly one-hundred on the menu if your Whiskey taste buds are not satisfied you should probably try out some of these bars with an extensive Tequila selection. Be that as it may, Whiskey is just not be your thing.

15.) Twisted Spoke – While most identify it as a “biker bar,” I’ll go ahead and identify it as a whiz-bang bar on the West Side with a bombastic Whiskey list to wash-down its champion burgers. When the weather warms chill out on the rooftop deck or ring in “Whiskey Wednesday” where ALL Whiskey’s are 1/2 priced.

Tell us your favorite bar serving quality Whiskey and continue to explore Chicago and check out our selections for the “Best Beer Bars!”


– barHappy Team

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