Streeterville’s St. Practice Day!

Saturday night, 3/2/2013, marks the 5th annual St. Practice Day Pub Crawl, and for who have no plans and are looking for a fun and amusing night out, look no further! Come to think of it, even if you did have plans, feel free to whip that excuse rolodex out and fire at will.

Located in Streeterville, Near North Side, the St. Paddy’s Day celebration commences two weeks prior to the actual city-wide event, hence “practice,” but there is no harm done by celebrating just a few days early. Draped in green and posed as leprechauns, crowds gather to enjoy the pub crawl with friends celebrating in the wackiest of ways.

Participating Bars (wristbands will be given at the kick-off location):

Timothy O’Toole’s (7:30-9:00PM) – $4 20oz. Green Beers, $4 Leprechaun shots, and $5 Jameson shots.

D4 (9:00-1o:00PM) – $5 Guinness, Harp, & Smithwicks, and $7 Jameson

Quay (10:00-10:45PM) – $5 Guinness, $6 Absolut Cocktails, and $6 Jameson shots

Lizzie McNeill’s (11:00-11:45) -$3 Bud Light Pints and $4 Jameson shots

Using our pre-made outing template, create and invite your friends to the Streeterville Pub Crawl.

Enjoy your night out!

– barHappy Team

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