Game Day Guides: Raider Nation Travels to Mile High to Continue Winning Ways

Sunday’s match-up features a divisional game between two long standing franchises both seeking to get back into their winning ways. After upsetting the Steelers for their first victory of the season, the Raiders (1-2) look to continue against a struggling, but still dangerous, Denver Broncos (1-2) team led by Peyton Manning, starting at 3:05 p.m. (local time).

Sports Authority Field at Mile High

Located just three miles from Downtown Denver, the Broncos home is a place that is both easy to get to and has many nearby options for those looking for a great game day experience. So, while you spend a little time away from home, here are our suggested hot spots to hit up before and after the game.

Disembark from your journey and “Tap the Rockies”

Drop your bags off at your hotel or friends house and get out there and enjoy the cold refreshments of Denver, Colorado at a local bar. Denver specializes in select micro-brews, adding a rich and unique flavor to every glass for every sip. So, if you are in the area, be sure to check out these two historic Brew Pubs.

The LoDo-wn

The widespread concept of Denver’s nightlife experience is commonly in reference to the Lower Downtown district of Denver, LoDo for the local tongue. Not only is it the oldest region of Denver, but it is home to the trendiest and hipster hangouts. Ranging anywhere from Irish pubs, to Jazz bars, and late night Clubs, you’ll be sure to find something that is for you.

Game Day

With the game starting at 3:05 p.m. (Local time), you should have plenty of time to get out and meet up with the rest of the Raider Nation. Using the RTD trip planner, familiarize yourself with Denver’s transportation system and prepare for your game day experience. Find a sports bar just miles from the stadium and watch the earlier games starting at Noon to keep up with the rest of the NFL.

Post Game

After the game, set out Uptown and check out a neighborhood bar to have one last taste of Denver’s finest before hitting the road. Or if you are still in the LoDo district, hop on the train and get off at Union Station to check out the bar atmosphere near Coors Field, home to the MLB Colorado Rockies.

Let us know how your experience was in Denver!


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