Game Day Guides: Packers vs. 49ers II

In their week one battle, it was San Francisco surmounting the Green Bay Packers, but the story is different this time. Sure, Colin Kaepernick leading the charge for the 49ers is reaching headlines, but this rematch has much more a stake – a trip to the NFC Championship and a prolonged journey to the Super Bowl.

After blowing through the Vikings last week, the Packers are always a threat with the defending MVP Aaron Rodgers running the show. However, with the top ranked 49ers defense, the challenge is as tough as it gets. Kickoff is set for 5:00 pm (local time) on FOX, with coverage beginning an hour prior.

Candlestick Park

Located just about 10 miles from Downtown, and the International Airport, the home of the 49ers is situated on the western shore of the San Francisco Bay. For those unfamiliar with the area, the region does get breezy and cool, so pack smart and dress warm – but definitely nothing you haven’t experienced.

Here are this weeks party tips for your stay in the City by the Bay:

Northeast Pleasures

San Francisco’s known-for area resides on the northeast side, with neighborhoods like the Financial District, Union Square, Russian Hill, and even the oldest Chinatown in North America. The scene is touristy, as many hop on the trolley just to say they hopped on the trolley, but the area does have a relaxing touch to it. If you are there, jump off the cable car and check out some of the local bars in the area.

Polk Street is the nightlife street

Balance has everything to do with a thriving area in a big city. Polk Street, for instance, has something for everyone and is one of the reasons why locals mostly attend this part of town. Congregated with dive bars and famous eateries, it is also the one of the premiere gay scenes of San Francisco, so be sure to check out the rave. Also, if you are out late and end up walking home, try to avoid the stumble down Lombard Street.

Game Day

The game is set for a 5:00PM (local time) start time, so spending your time wisely is key. Relaxat a local bar or watch the earlier AFC battle and keep track of the post season. Regardless of your pre-game destination, be sure to plan ahead with the SFMTA trip planner for getting over to the stadium.

Post Game

If you are staying another night, or you have time to waste, be sure to catch up on the Sunday match-ups, with the 10:00AM (Local Time) game most notable for Packer fans if the journey were to continue. Get to a sports bar early and see who and where the next game will be.

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