The Trendiest Drinks of 2013

With a new year comes new resolutions, and if yours is to change your drink selection, we can help! 2013 brings new drink trends from a taste of Europe to an old (and new) school twist to your favorite cocktails. Here is a list of the top trends to try, from Drink of the Week:


The popular United Kingdom fermented alcoholic beverage, made from fruit juice, is making its way across the pond. According to the New York Times, “Fermented ciders can be bubbly or still, sweet, dry or in between. Its alcohol content ranges from about 5 to 7.5 percent, though some may be as high as 10 percent.”  To top that off, they are also affordable!

Sweet Wine

Sweet wines are making a come back. Mostly viewed at dessert wines, are taking a turn into the hottest beverage of 2013. Sales have been on the raise since 2011 and are continuing to grow. “Sales of Moscato grew about 73 percent in 2011, according to Nielsen data, making it the fastest growing varietal wine in the United States” The Bacchus reports. Now is the time to change your wine taste buds and enjoy the sweet wines.

Craft Beer

The craft beer trend is on a raise due to the raise of the breweries. “The Brewers Association reports that as of August 6, 2012 there were a total of 2,126 U.S. breweries, with 2,075 considered craft breweries (97 percent). (1,195 Brewpubs, 790 Microbreweries, and 90 Regional Craft Breweries) in the United States.” Time to change from your light beers to the many flavors of craft beers.


For those of you who are unaware of what a beertail is, The Latin Kitchen explains “Beertails represent the best of the bar, combining the effervescent texture of brews with spirits and other nonalcoholic ingredients.”  Some may view it as the manly version of a cocktail. A few to try next time you are out or at brunch: a Man-Mosa, the Strawberry Blonde Brewjito and the Dirty South (a cider beertail, best of the 2013 trends).

Barrel Aged Cocktails

Another twist on the standard cocktail. Food and Wine explain “Aging cocktails in wood barrels can soften harsh edges and add layers of flavor.” If you are a bar owner, go mix up the most popular cocktail and barrel it up for a few months because this trend is on the raise.

Bottled Cocktails

This trend is not only delicious and can make batches of it but its also helps free up the bartender on those busy weekend nights says Beverage Director David Fritzler of The Coupe. Starting out West by mixologist Jeffrey Morgenthaler, it is making its way to the East Coast.

70s / 80s Retro Cocktails

Old school cocktails are coming back, you no longer have to be awkward when ordering them.  It is believed that they are making their way back because of popular Retro TV shows  and movies but whatever the reason is they are back and going to continue to be the popular choice.  So go out and proudly order your Tom Colins, Manhattan or whatever your classic cocktail is and enjoy!

2013 seems to be bringing in new flavors and twists to our favorite cocktails. When you are out or a bar owner don’t be afraid to try the new trends, let us know what your favorites are!


– barHappy Team



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