Go Pack! Where to Find the Nation’s Best Packers Bars

Thanks to our awesome new friend, Michelle Noyer-Granacki from Her Game Life for this guide on the best Packers Bars. Do you have another favorite? Leave a comment below.

It was a chilly night, and the Packers had just scored a touchdown. A crowd of fans wearing green and gold, packed together on leather couches and around high-top tables, grabbed the person nearest them, likely a complete stranger, for a hug and a high-five. The Packers’ touchdown celebration song “Bang the Drum all Day” played over the bar’s sound system as the bartender passed out free shots in team colors to be taken after the traditional halftime “Go Pack Go!” chant.

It was almost as though it were a small bar in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and not a cozy dive two miles from the beach in Los Angeles, California.

Lambeau Field is famous for its tailgates, in which the country’s smallest professional football market turns out by the thousands – many fans never even stepping foot inside the stadium, but instead content to watch the game on portable tv’s in the parking lot. But for the fans who have never even stepped foot in Wisconsin, recreating the atmosphere of Lambeau is possible with a little research.

Mom’s bar, described above, is one of LA’s most established Packers bars, with over 300 members who host events and gather together every gameday. For those cheeseheads outside of Wisconsin, Packers Everywhere has a tool that allows fans across the country – and internationally – to find official Packers bars near them. Below are some of the top-rated Packers bars in cities across the world:

New York City: Kettle of Fish

Boston: The Banshee

Philadelphia: MilkBoy

Washington, D.C.: Hamilton’s Bar and Grill

Denver: Swanky’s

Dallas: KG’s Sports Grill

San Francisco: Masses Sports Bar

Las Vegas: Big Dog’s Draft House

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