Traveling Holiday Party

The holiday season is full of celebrations with friends and family, but sometimes doing the same thing over and over can start to get boring. So, why not break from the norm and try a traveling dinner party. Why stay at one spot when cities have so much to offer during the holidays.  Start crossing off those bars on your wishlist!

Appetizers and Happy Hour

Start the evening off by meeting at a causal bar, maybe near a local holiday attraction. Aim to make this meeting place somewhere you will be able to relax and catch up with old friends.


Once the group arrives and you are ready to move onto the next course, find a casual restaurant before finalizing your night. Type “restaurant” in the keyword search bar or select a “casual” bar/restaurant in a location of your choice.

After dinner celebrations

Now that you had a hearty meal, you are ready to celebrate for the rest of the night.  Go out for drinks and dance the night away.  If that isn’t your scene hit up the nearest sports bar.

We hope this helps spice up your night out with friends.  Don’t forget to check-in through Facebook or FourSquare and afterwards, rate and review and share your experience at the bars.


– barHappy Team

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