Happy National Sangria Day!

If you are like me and love Sangria, tonight is going to be a great night (tomorrow might not be a good day though)!

Sangria has only been in the United States for 48 years, however it is one of the classic drinks served here. “Fast forward thousands of years and history was made in the United States when the sangria was brought to the 1964 world’s fair in New York City. Sangria is now enjoyed around the world, in restaurants, cafes, bars, and especially at home” explains SangriaSecrets.com. It is one of those drinks that can be enjoyed with any type of meal.

So go out to the nearest hot spot and order yourself a glass or two of their Sangria. Don’t forget to cheers to the Spanish, for bringing this delicious drink to the United States!


– barHappy Team

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