The barHappy Loyalty Program: Understanding the Point System and Earning Badges

Another new feature is the revamped Loyalty Program where users of the website and mobile application are given points for participating and completing actions – ultimately earning badges to represent their social status. For actions such as creating outings, reviewing bars, and checking-in through Facebook/Foursquare, users will be compensated and given a delectable amount of points, which in the end may net you some sweet prizes in the future.

From your profile, you will be able to view your current point total, along with your current social status and badge achievements. We invite you to challenge your friends and master your city’s nightlife offerings, along with becoming a loyal barHappy contributor.

Points can be earned through a variety of ways, which include:


What do you think of the barHappy Loyalty Program? Let the race to 1,500 begin!


– barHappy Team

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