NHL Lockout has Bar and Restaurant Owners Standing on Thin Ice

With the 2012 NHL dispute between the owners and players union in disarray, month by month the NHL has cancelled scheduled games, leaving fans all across the country hopeless and appalled. Although, not only are hockey fans in agony, but the distress has also affected bar and restaurant owners greatly.

The equation is simple, no hockey-no money. For those who depend on hockey games, bars are closing earlier than usual while liquor and alcohol sales are dropping dramatically without the presence of large hockey crowds. For instance, as highlighted by Twin Cities Pioneer Press, the bar owner of Eagle Street Grille of St. Paul, Minn. has cutback on spending by laying off a significant amount of employees due to the impact of the NHL lockout, labeling the current condition of the bar has “bleeding.” But the case is ongoing and prominent in virtually every major hockey city.

Getting Involved

Karen Mills of the Small Business Administration, said it best: “Small businesses are the backbone of our cities and towns and they should not have to sit in the penalty box.” If you or anyone you know is a bar/restaurant owner affected by the NHL lockout, SHARE this post or tweet us @barHappy and show some support for your local businesses.


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