barHappy Update: Latest App Features Facebook and Foursquare Check-in Functionality

The mission for barHappy has always been to create a joyous experience for its users planning a night out in the city with their friends. With that being said, the newly refined update to the barHappy app polishes and smoothens that very idea, giving it all the more reasons to get your hands on it. Along with the ability to create outings and wishlists and review/rate bars, restaurants, or clubs – barHappy has created the ultimate experience for those exploring their cities nightlife. What’s new?

Search and Check-in

The key feature of the latest version allows users to check-in through Foursquare and Facebook, upon linking their accounts to barHappy, further allowing users to share with their friends where they are and who they are with. Using the menu option, search for nearby bars on Foursquare and Facebook and let it be known where you intend to party.

Find and join friends

Another additional feature is the “friends’ check-ins” functionality. In addition to “Nearby bars” and “Nearby specials” found on the dashboard, users are now able to see where their friends currently are spending their night out. Whether it’s the usual Thursday night rendezvous, or a new Downtown hot spot, the latest version of barHappy can be used as a tool for meeting up with friends.

Bonus: Earn barHappy points

By checking-in to an establishment you are not only rewarded with a spectacular night out, but you are also prized with 10 barHappy points credited to your account for each check-in. Earn points and badges that might land you some sweet prizes in the future.

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– barHappy Team

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