NYC Hangover Recovery Kit Delivered to your Door!

You wake up on New Year’s Day feeling groggy, head pounding, you can’t move, and all you want is greasy delivery food to soak up the large quantities of alcohol you drank last night. Well, Vita Coco and Postmates teamed up to bring you just that. A hangover recovery kit with the following essentials: a made-to-order egg and cheese sandwich from Lenwich, a face mask from the skin care line, Banila, Ibuprofen, and a potassium and magnesium coconut water from Vita Coco.

To snag one of these hangover recovery kits, make sure to download the Postmates app on your phone and sign in at 10AM sharp. There is a limited supply of these kits so don’t wait around to order yours.

In the event that you have tried as hard as possible to wake up and order one at 10AM but you sign on at 11AM and they’re all gone, don’t fear! There is another way to get your hangover recovery kit – It does require getting out of bed though…Head over to Cleveland Place between Kenmare St. and Spring Street in Soho starting at 10AM. Vita Coco will have a hangover recovery food truck waiting there for you!

Enjoy your New Year’s!

Cheers and drink responsibly,