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Samuel Adams Releases Utopias – A 28% ABV Beer Illegal in 15 States

Sam Adams released a beer this month that contains 28% alcohol by volume (ABV) and is illegal in 15 states! The limited release of the 11th batch of Utopias began on October 15th and will be available in select beer and specialty stores for $210 per bottle.

This well-crafted brew is a labor of love that took years to brew, age, and blend. Utopias is a blend of earlier Samuel Adams’ extreme beers which have been aging in wooden bourbon casks from Buffalo Trace Distillery. The brewers also experimented with this recipe using Cognac and Madeira finishing barrels to enhance the flavor. And, to take it to another level, they even added some Kosmic Mother Funk, a wild ale that has been fermenting for two years in Hungarian Oak foeders (a foeder is a fancy word for a large wooden vat.) You’ll find notes of vanilla with rich dark fruit aromas in this beer with a strong alcohol finish to top it off.

This is not necessarily a dessert beer! Sometimes I assume that with an ABV of 28%, this beer should just be considered a dessert…or snack. But Samuel Adams suggested some food pairings with Utopias. Clam chowder, cobb salads, fish and chips, mango chicken chili (really specific), pineapple upside-down cake and fruit-topped bread puddings all pair nicely with this beer.

There were only 77 wooden casks of Utopias brewed this year, so if you happen to see it in stores, and are willing to spend a pretty penny on this rare brew, make sure to pick it up for a special occasion! Or, feel free to buy me a bottle. 😊

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