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Boozy Bubble Tea at Bubbleology

Bubbleology, the first ever boozy bubble tea spot in NYC opened last month in the East Village and changed the landscape of bubble tea cafes for good. Originally a boba company hailing from London, Bubbleology opened multiple locations serving its customers alcohol-bubble tea concoctions, and boba shot drinks using all different types of liquor.

Vodka, gin, rum, and bourbon are used in unique drinks on the menu such as the “Blushing Duchess,” which is made of Jasmine tea, cranberry juice, and lychee boba and the “Majestic Butterfly” which is made using butterfly pea flowers and lychee boba. These cocktails have Taiwanese roots, beautiful flavors, and playful presentation. A standard cocktail at Bubbleology costs about $14 and a boba tea shot drink costs about $7.

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Bubbleology also offers booze-free tea and fruit drinks for the non-alcohol drinkers as well. You can take these drinks to-go of course but unfortunately, the boozy drinks need to stay.

Here’s to late night boba cravings!