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It’s Orange Wine Day! But, What’s Orange Wine?

The term “orange wine” was first coined by British wine importer, David Harvey. It’s used to describe a non-conventional style of white winemaking that is unknown to many wine drinkers, typically hailing from the northeast region of Italy.

To make an orange wine, white grapes are mashed up and placed into a vessel to begin the fermentation process which can take anywhere from four days to a year (skins and seeds still attached.) Little to no additives are used in the process which allows oxidation to run its course and creates a sour taste that is not typical of most wines.

The orange wine is big and dry with tannin like red wine but with the sourness of a fruit beer. Sour beer lovers unite! The honeyed aromas of fleshy tropical fruit, nuts, bruised apples, juniper, sourdough, and dried orange rind really pack a bold punch in this versatile wine.

This wine can be paired nicely with curry foods, Korean dishes, Japanese, Moroccan and Ethiopian. The nutty tartness is said to pair well with a variety of meats ranging from fish to beef. So, pretty much you can enjoy an Orange Wine with almost any meal.

These were the top four Orange Wines of the summer:

  1. Sicilian-based COS’s Pithos Bianco ($34, is nutty and has lots of soft, peachy flavor.
  2. Channing Daughters is a vineyard located in the Hamptons, and their Ramato Wine ($24, has hints of honey, apricots and spices.
  3. Pheasant’s Tears makes their Rkatsiteli wine ($17, in the country of Georgia. Its flavor has a “big, dense, fleshy style,” and has notes of honey, nuts and apple skin.
  4. Clot de l’Origine’s “l’Original” ($22, is lightly spicy and highly approachable. This one has a more delicate style, complete with white flowers and orange marmalade.

Pick up a bottle and try something new!