The new Aviary Cocktail Book is a perfect gift, table book, or go-to book when crafting cocktails for friends and loved ones. Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas, who are the creators of Alinea in Chicago created this masterpiece alongside artists Allen and Sarah Hemberger from California.

The Aviary is a highly experimental cocktail bar with delicious food and a fantastic ambiance located in Chicago and New York City. The secret behind crafting the cocktails here is by emulating the same tricks and techniques that they use when creating recipes for the food served in the kitchens of the Alinea group – super sophisticated, whimsical, unique, and modern.

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The owners, Grant and Nick, have always wanted to craft a book similar to ones they gained knowledge from when they first learned their craft. Books like those of Thomas Keller and Alain Ducasse. They wanted to emulate the beautiful full-page photos with a plethora of original recipes and stray away from the boring generic cocktail book.

Watch this video to see the mindset behind making this fantastic cocktail book.

To get your beautiful Aviary Cocktail book containing 440+ pages of over 115 cocktail recipes, visit their site here. I know I’ll be picking a book next month as a birthday present to myself! Can’t wait. I hope you have the pleasure of owning your own Aviary Cocktail Book as well!