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Beer Run!


Take a run or stroll through the 1700’s village of Allaire, New Jersey and celebrate crossing the finish line with a beer fest! Because running is always better with beer, right?

The Historic Village of Allaire used to be an iron-producing factory-town, home to Howell Iron Works, Co. The town consisted of a pattern-making shop, blacksmith, post office, general store, school, church, and the mills that were used to finish the iron products produced.   It was a small, self-sufficient town which has now been transformed into an interactive museum.

The Beer Run is a 5K run or walk through the historic town of Allaire and beautiful natural trails nearby. When you cross the finish line you will be handed a tasting glass so you can reward yourself with some beer from 12+ local breweries. There will also be live music, lawn games, and food trucks! It’s a party for sure, and you’ve earned it.

Tickets for the Beer Run include race registration, beer, a tasting glass, and access to the live music, food trucks and lawn games. You can also purchase tickets strictly for the beer fest. Or, you can purchase tickets for the run and be the designated driver. REGISTER HERE and enjoy the Beer Run!

See you there!