Corona Refresca – My Favorite Poolside Beverage

The Corona Refresca has been a game changer for me this summer because no matter where I go, it’s all I ask for! I typically lean towards Session IPAs or WitBiers, but this summer, the Refresca is my drink of choice. You can pick them up in any liquor store and also at the bar!

This is the first non-beer beverage that Corona has ever release – and it is a home run. This flavored malt beverage comes in three varieties: Coconut Lime, Passionfruit, and (my favorite) Guava. They are 4.5% ABV and less than 199 calories each. They are packed with flavor but not too sweet – perfect for a tropical refresher on a scorching beach day.

The Passionfruit Lime and Guava Lime Refrescas come in six-packs for $10, while all three flavors are available in a 12-packs for $17. And with the rise in sparkling, flavored beverages, people cannot get their hands off of these. If you haven’t had a Refresca yet, pick them up for your next barbeque or beach day. You will not be disappointed!