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The Adult Capri Suns – High Key Wine Pouches

The best way to stay low-key while indulging in your favorite wine is by drinking High Key Wine! No need to bring wine bottles and glasses to the beach, park, or your kids’ soccer game, just grab a High Key Wine Pouch and enjoy!

High Key Wine offers three varieties of wine pouches – sweet wine, semi-sweet Rosé and dry Rosé. All come in Capri-Sun-like pouches with straws built in. No mess, no glass, no problem!

High Key sells a 6-pack variety, and 6-packs of any individual wine you prefer. They also sell their High Key Dry Rose for $9.00 a bottle. The six-packs are $20 each.

So next time you’re heading to the beach, a concert, fair, pool, or anywhere you feel like drinking, make sure you pack your High Key Wine Pouches with you to indulge the easy way!