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MLB Ballparks Using Artificial Intelligence To Sell Beer Faster

Aramark – one of the MLB’s largest concession providers knows the pain of waiting in a long line to grab a beer while your favorite team is up at bat.  That’s why they partnered up with California-based tech company, Mashgin to bring express self-check out machines to MLB ballparks.

With no barcode needed, the Mashgin checkout machines uses AI to recognize the product you place underneath the scanner.  If you have multiple items, you can place them under the scanner and the technology will determine exactly what you’re trying to buy.  Pretty cool!

Aramark calls this new checkout service, “Walk Thru Bru.”  And so far data proves that this experience makes checkout 40 percent faster than before and increased sales by up to 25 percent!  This improves your chances of getting back in your seat to catch every exciting play.

You can find Walk Thru Bru at Fenway Park, Coors Field, Minute Maid Park, Kauffman Stadium, Citi Field, Oakland Coliseum, Citizens Bank Park, and PNC Park. And, three of those ballparks (Oakland Coliseum, Kauffman Stadium, and Minute Maid Park) offer food as well.

Mike Giresi, Aramark’s senior vice president and chief digital information officer says that the more fans are using Walk Thru Bru, the faster and more knowledgeable the technology becomes.  He states, “Every application we build, based on AI, feeds data back into itself and provides us insights to be smarter not only about our operations, but also the needs and preferences of our clients and consumers.”  This will continue to increase the efficiency of these stations and increase sales overall.

Hopefully Walk Thru Bru makes its way to every MLB Ballpark so you don’t have to miss any exciting moments on your day out at the field!