National Moonshine Day!

Moonshine is a mysterious alcohol to me. I haven’t been exposed to moonshine at bars, events, parties…I think the only time I had it was at a Lafayette College football tailgate! Recently though, craft cocktail wizards and distillers have been bringing it back and I’m ready to get my hands on it!

For those of you that don’t know that much about moonshine here’s a little history…

Alcohol such as rum or whisky that was produced illicitly without any government authorization was dubbed “moonshine.” The word “moonshine” actually comes from Britain where originally it was used in verb form. Moonshining is the name that was given to anything that was done late at night. And to avoid the law, Moonshiners were out of sight out of mind, in the forest somewhere past midnight mixing up a mean batch. And you know what they say, “Nothing good ever happens after midnight!” Welp, I think the moonshiners would beg to differ!

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In 2010, moonshine became legal in the United States. This clear, unaged whisky (or rum) became pretty popular for its potency. With four simple ingredients of corn meal, sugar, yeast and water, you would never think an alcohol could be so strong…until you tried moonshine.

So pick some up, or find a spot that makes a delicious moonshine batch and drink up!